With over 60 years of experience in the Aluminium industry we pride ourselves on our rapid response times and our exceptional quality standards. The business owner, Andrew Law ,joined the company in 1997 bringing with him over 21 years of experience in the plating industry and was appointed Managing Director in 2004 following on from his father Tony. The company operates from extensive freehold premises in Bissell street, one mole from the centre of Birmingham.

In the last two years the premises have been extensively refurbished and updated and the company itself has also been rebranded. As a result the business launched its new web site in June 2012 followed by many improvements and changes in procedures, policies and applications all designed to make the company stronger and more robust to move forwards and accomplish its mission statement.

The ethos of the business has always been that of customer satisfaction and the highest levels of service. With the consistent investment made over recent years Badger Anodising has set itself clear targets and has a very clear business strategy to enable it to compete in its current market and more importantly achieve sustainability in a highly price driven industry without any compromise to the standards of quality.

Out unique set of qualities has a proven track record which has resulted in long standing partnerships with all of our clients across the U.K. from as North as Cumbernauld in Glasgow, all the way down to the South east Coast.The services that we are able to offer our customers are as follows;

Bead Blasting ;

This is the process of smoothing and cleaning the surface of the aluminium by applying fine glass beads using compressed air without damaging the surface. This produces a similar effect to that of using sandpaper but with a more even finish.

Anodising Pre Treatments;

Etching; this produces a matt finish and will cover most extrusion lines, surface scratches and gives an even coverage.

Semi Bright; This gives an even coverage with a brighter appearance to just etching.

Chemical Brightening; This provides a bright, decorative finish to colour work or silver, ie very good reflectivity for the lighting industry.

Chromate Finishes; these provide good levels of corrosion resistance combined with low electrical resistance. This can be left just as a coating or as a base coat prior to paint or powder coating.

Colour Anodising; our standard range of colours include silver, brass, gold, red, Violet, green , Blue orange and Black.

We offer a ” stainless steel “look for aluminium. This finish has proved very popular with varied manufacturers who produce cooker handles, fascias, car trims and display systems.

For metal lengths up to 2.8 metres we offer Etch silver, Black and Brass Anodising.

For metal lengths up to 1.3 metres we offer Bright Silver, Black or Brass Anodising. Etch or Bright stainless steel Anodising, Finally for metal lengths up to 1 metre we can offer etch or Bright gold, blue, red, purple, green or orange anodising.

Metal polishing and finishing;

We have a highly skilled work force who hand polish all metals, they polish large and small volumes of high quality satin and bright finishes. Our facilities cover long lengths of material up to 4 metres.

Centre- less polishing of tube and round bar material. For smaller items we polish using vibratory and barrelling techniques. Bead blasting offers a complimentary all over finish to anodising. All of the above can be offered prior to pre treatment of anodising or we also offer polishing as a stand alone finish.


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