Leading Anodising and Polished Aluminum Company to Launch New Website

Birmingham, West Midlands (15 January, 2016) – Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd, a leading anodising and polished aluminum company will launch a newly designed website. The company has commissioned a reputable web designer based in the UK to take on the task of revamping the look and functionality of the current website. The company is hoping to unveil the new website sometime during February or March this year.

A representative of Badger Anodising explains that the company has decided on a new website for two main reasons. “The first being to make it easier for our site visitors to see exactly what it is we can offer them from the home page more easily. This is because most of our visitors enter the website via the home page.”


From Polished Aluminium to Wood: The Best Materials for Outdoor Signs

Its greatest upside is its top-notch corrosion resistance, which is a result of either one or both of two processes: the natural formation of a protective oxide coating on its surface when exposed to air, or an industrial aluminium polishing process, courtesy of companies such as Badger Anodising.

The polishing process also allows aluminium to be offered in a variety of colours that better suit specific purposes, reducing the need for using paint. Furthermore, aluminium is incredibly durable yet very lightweight, allowing for maximum signage longevity even in tough weather conditions.

Choose Polished Aluminium: The Best Material for All of Your Needs

When you’re thinking of picking out a metal to use as raw material, turn to available polished aluminium products to meet your needs. Since its discovery 200 years ago, aluminium has been a popular metal for various reasons. The fact that it can be improved by a variety of processes and melded with other metals into an alloy form makes it exceedingly useful in a lot of industries. Here are a few benefits to using aluminium.

Adding to the Shine: Polished Aluminium Gives Products More Class

If you’re a fan of Apple’s many products, your mouth is probably watering over the upcoming release of the new Apple Watch. Said to be made in three different types: aluminium, steel, and gold, the choice of metals for the Apple Watch is interesting. Gold is naturally impressive and stainless steel is a good choice for durability, but for an aluminium watch to stand side-by-side with these two is an impressive feat. The shiny polished aluminium surface of this new product can be just as nice to look at and it has a lighter weight than other metals.

Being the third most common element following oxygen and silicon, aluminium may not seem valuable, but the proper treatment can make it great. There are several metal finishing processes that can make aluminium shine like silver. One of the more popular ones is the use of polishing to scour the surface of the metal.

On Polished Aluminium: Four Advantages as a Material for Structures

Using metals as material for building structures has become commonplace ever since its discovery. There are certain types of metal that are better than others in protecting buildings from the daily wear and tear, and one of them is aluminium. In view of its certain properties, aluminium is considered to be one of the more reliable metals to use for building construction.