When Engineering and Polishing Made Aluminium a Worthy Rival for Steel

When Ford’s 2015 F-150 pickup rolled out, a lot of people probably didn’t expect it to harbour a secret. At first glance, it looked like the hulking pickup truck’s body was made in “standard” terms using steel, making it almost indestructible (given its off-roading nature). When Ford itself revealed, however, that the 2015 F-150’s body is made not of steel, but of aluminium, many people raised their eyebrows in disbelief. How would aluminium even be able to withstand the F-150’s intended off-road purpose? Its strength is quite reminiscent of foil wraps and soda cans, right?

Not if you consider brilliant engineering and science. Aluminium is, indeed, a “weakling” if you consider the heavy loads that steel can easily support, but it possesses qualities that steel doesn’t have. For one, it’s very malleable (able to be shaped to extreme limits without breaking) and very elastic.


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