Restoring an Old Car? Ensure a Thorough Cleaning with Bead Blasting

After thousands of kilometres of daily driving, even the cleanest engine will most likely be covered with crud. Oil leaks and grime combine to form a greasy coating on the outside of the engine. Now imagine how much dirt and grease must be cleaned off in trying to restore an old car. If you’re into collecting and restoring vintage cars, glass beading is a relatively inexpensive yet highly effective way to clean the internal parts of the vehicles, like the flywheels, cams, piston conrods and crankcases.
Typically, glass beading for any metal surface is a form of high-pressure cleaning, done in a less-damaging system than typical abrasive blasting. In the U.K., this is usually performed by professional anodisers, like Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd, which offer specialised cleaning, finishing and peening services that will leave all metal parts shiny and in a remarkable state.


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